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Indoor Facility Re-Opens

posted 12/21/2012
The Executive Committee is happy to report that the major renovations to the Indoor Facility are complete and it is now re-opened.  Anyone who already has an access card is welcome to use it, and if you’d like to purchase a card, they’re again for sale on our website. 
The final cost is still being tallied, but to date, we’ve spent over $20,000 on the following items:
  1. replaced the turf
  2. repaired the ceiling
  3. we’ve ordered new batting tunnel nets
  4. other equipment is on order
  5. additionally, the township replaced the lights
We still have more to do, but most of that will be able to be done without shutting down for an extended period.  One thing in particular we can use some help with is the security and access systems.  If you are in that business, we’d love to talk with you about our options.
We’d like to thank the volunteers who made this possible. 
We hope to see you in the Indoor soon.