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Softball 2012-- Important Dates and Other Information

If you know anyone who hasn’t registered yet, please tell them that time is running out. Once we reach our maximum number of girls, we will close registration. We have already closed Majors to wait list only, and have very few spots left in Minors. We have more spots open in Rookies and Tee Ball and we are actively still recruiting players, coaches and managers.

Important Dates:(some details are listed below; more on each will be distributed over the next few days):

Event Dates & Times
Placement Workouts for Minors Players Sat, Feb 25, 3 pm to 6 pm
Mon, Feb 27, 7 pm to 9 pm
at WWCP Indoor Facility
Placement Workouts for Majors Players Sun, Mar 4, 2 pm to 4 pm
Mon, Mar 5, 6 pm to 8 pm
at WWCP Indoor Facility
Announcement of Teams Prior to March 11
District 12 Coaches Clinic Sun, Mar 11, 8:00 am, Robbinsville HS
Safety Clinics for Manager and Coaches Choose one (must attend every 3 years):
Softball Players Pre-Season Clinics Sun, Mar 11 (rain date Sun Mar 18)
Rookies: times TBD
Minors: times TBD
Majors: times TBD
Held at the softball fields at WWCP
Managers and Coaches Meetings TBD
Opening Day Sat, Apr 14
Photo Day Tue, May 3 and Wed, May 9
at WWCP Indoor Facility

Placement Workouts for Minors and Majors:

We will be holding “placement workouts” for all girls that will be playing in Minors and Majors this year; the girls will participate in a practice session at the WWCP Indoor Facility while being observed by the League Managers and a few other experienced WWLL volunteers. This will help guide the league managers and team managers during the rpocess of forming teams, with the goal being to create teams that are competitively balanced.  The girls only have to participate in one workout session. Register your preferred time on our registration system.

Team Notifications:

You should be notified of your daughter’s team assignment around the first weekend in March, in time to participate in the Team Clinic on Sunday, March 11.

Coaches Training:

We are providing several different types of coaches training this year:
WWLL Coaches Training: training in the game will be provided during the team clinic on March 11. 

District 12 Big Al Managers and Coaches Clinic for Baseball and Softball: Sunday, Mar 6 at Robbinsville High School. WWLL will reimburse any manager or coach that wishes to attend. It’s at Robbinsville High School. For more information, email information@wwll.org.

Safety Clinics:  run by the District, all managers are required to go at least once every 3 years.