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Posting Articles and Photos For Post-Season Teams

WWLL wants to post results of all of our post-season softball and baseball teams on our website this year.  Last year got the process rolling, and we’ve learned a few things to hopefully make the process smoother and have more teams participate.   Please forward this e-mail to the post-season managers and coaches that you are going to work with this summer and please stress to them that each team in post season play should provide these game reports.
The golden rule is that we need to receive full articles that are web-ready.  The authors should do their best to assure that all articles are grammatically correct, spell-checked, and ready to post.  We cannot accept any descriptions of how articles should be written or of changes to articles.  We will be handling submissions from many teams, and cannot be sure that we’ll get any such changes right.
Click here for a sample from 2010.

How to assign the task of writing the reports:
  1. Assign someone who can write them (and write them WELL) for the whole length of the tournament.
  2. Consider assigning the coach or parent who keeps the scorebook to do this.  That person clearly paid close attention to the game, and has the scorebook to refer to which will make it easier.
  3. Ask one or more parents to take action photos of each game.
Guidelines for each report:
  1. Keep it short, to the point, and pack some punch.
  2. We will not post improper language.
  3. Good sportsmanship -- no bashing of anyone…umpires, opponents, parents, politicians, ANYONE.
  4. WWLL Team designation:  i.e. Baseball 12 Tournament Team (and nickname if they have one)
  5. Opponent designation:  Town, nickname if they have one
  6. Date of game
  7. Location of game
  8. Result of game – final score and any implications (wins championship, eliminated, etc.)
  9. A couple of highlights of the game…good fielding plays, strong pitching performances, clutch hits, turning point if there was one, any late heroics.
  10. The author should try very hard to mention as many names as possible, especially the names of the kids who are not the stars. Remember that everyone contributes to the success of the team, and all players love to see their name in “print.”
  11. Next game info (day, date, location, opponent, implications (i.e. facing elimination, can win tournament, etc.) if any).
  1. I’d like one team photo of the players and coaches for each team at the beginning of play.  This can be a full size file, not edited down.
  2. We’d like to have 2-4 action photos per game.
  3. Best to resize the action photos in Photoshop or some similar photo editing software to approximately 200 pixels high and anywhere from about 150 to 450 pixels wide…this makes loading the pages faster for everyone.  Loading files that are 8 MB each will slow down the performance of loading these pages for everyone, and the webmasters won’t have time to do this for each photo that comes in.
  4. Identify in the e-mail containing the photos the team (Baseball, Age, District/Tournament team and date of game.)
  5. If the photos come from someone other than who writes the article, please have them copy the report author so we can tie them together.
  6. If a game ends with a WWLL championship, I’d like another team photo with all coaches and all players, including everyone’s name in the order they appear in the photo, with the championship trophy prominently displayed in the foreground (held by the manager or a player in front, not hidden in the back).  This photo can be sent full size (not edited down) since there will be more detail that everyone will want to see.  Here are some relatively famous examples of what I will be looking for:  http://blog.mlive.com/redwings_impact/2008/10/large_wings08.jpg,
If you or the people assigned to submit this material have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to discuss at length.
Bill Kramer