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To:  All Softball Majors and Minors Families
From:  Bill Kramer, WWLL Softball VP
Date:  May 10, 2011

Once again, WWLL Softball will be conducting playoffs for Majors and Minors.  Scheduling has proven to be quite a challenge, but after taking into consideration many different outside conflicts, the Softball Majors and Softball Minors playoff formats and tentative schedules are listed below.  As I hope everyone knows, our regular season games do not count in any way towards our playoffs, so all of the WWLL teams make the playoffs, and none of the teams from other towns participate in our playoffs.  The result of this long-standing policy is to encourage managers to really develop their players in many positions in games throughout the course of the regular season.  Once the playoffs start, the games begin to count.
In deciding upon the playoff format and creating this schedule, we had three primary goals; 1) have teams play as many playoff games as possible, 2) avoid conflicts that would put teams at a competitive disadvantage; and 3) have a fair system that gives all teams a chance, but rewards those teams that play the best. 

Due primarily to the fact that 6th Grade Outdoor Education program impacts all of our Majors teams, we realistically lose most of the week of June 6 through June 10 for Majors.  We’ve also taken into account the 5th Grade DARE pool party, travel softball players' weekend commitments, and the one bat mitzvah and one major Girl Scout camping trip that we’re aware of.


Our Majors playoff will be a double-elimination tournament, where each team is guaranteed at least 2 games.  Majors playoff games are tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 31, Thursday, June 2, Friday, June 3, Sunday, June 5 and the first possible championship game would be played on Saturday evening, June 11 and the “if necessary” championship game would be played on Monday, June 13.  In the event we need to move games around a bit, I'm asking all managers to report to the league manager his team's availability to play a playoff game on the afternoon or evening of Memorial Day, Monday, May 30th.


In Minors, since there are fewer outside conflicts, we’ve elected to go with a round robin where each team plays every other team once, followed by a single-elimination bracket for the top 4 teams from the round robin games.  Each team is guaranteed at least 4 games.  The round robin portion will begin on Thursday, May 26 and continue through Monday, June 6.  At the end of each team’s 4-game round robin schedule, teams in 1st through 4th place will advance to the single-elimination round, and the 5th place team will be eliminated.  The first round will have the 1st place team will play the 4th place team and the 2nd place team will play the 3rd place team.  Then, the winner of each of those two games will advance to the Minors Championship Game on Saturday, June 11.  In order to fit this many games in for Minors, we will have to play some games over Memorial Day weekend.  In order to make sure that the teams playing have as many players as possible, I’m asking all Minors Managers to find out if you can field a team during each of the following time slots:
  • Friday, May 27, evening
  • Saturday, May 28, afternoon
  • Saturday, May 28, evening
  • Sunday, May 29, afternoon
  • Sunday, May 29, evening
  • Monday, May 30, afternoon
  • Monday, May 30, evening 


Even though these games count, and all teams want to do well and win games and play for their league’s championship, I fully expect that all players, parents, big sisters, coaches, and managers will continue to live up to the high standards of good sportsmanship and fair play that have been we’ve been fortunate to have all season long.  That means no booing, cheering only about your team's players, never about the opposition's players, and no abuse of any umpire, regardless of the umpire's age.

That's all for now.  Managers, please get back to your league coordinator ASAP with the information I've asked for above.  Any questions, please drop me an email or ask your League Coordinators.

Bill Kramer
WWLL Softball