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What Is All-Stars Baseball and Softball?
A Primer For Prospective All-Stars

The All Star Program is a highly competitive baseball and softball competition held during the summer months. It involves playing teams in our district with the intention to advance to the region, state and national competition. The most talented players are selected in each age group to compete on these high level teams. Although the teams are chosen from all those interested, only the top players will be selected to play on our teams. Within the team selected, there will be differences in the ability level amongst those players. 

As we strive to advance as far as possible within the tournament, the manager will decide playing time based on the player’s ability. Playing time will not be equal among the players on the team.  Please know that although your child may be excelling in their current league, it may not be the same in the All Star Program. In the current leagues, there is a wide range of ability and skill levels, however in the All Star Program, all players are in the top of the talent scale. 

Statistics indicate that there will be six players who receive the most playing time with the remainder of the players seeing a lot less playing time. In an effort to make an informed decision, please know that even though your child may be selected to play on a District All Star team, playing time could be minimal. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.