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Aquafina Pitch Hit Run Results
Another Strong Field; Sectionals Next on May 31

WWLL held its 2009 Aquafina Pitch Hit and Run competition on Sunday, May 3. The players listed below won a single or overall event and advance to the sectional competition which will be held on Sunday, May 31 in Sewell, NJ. 

All Round Champion Jack Dileo 261
Pitch Champion Jack Dileo
Nithin Kumar
Hit Champion Matthew Pasquerella 148
Run Champion Aron Delevic 53
All Round Champion Arjun Peri 459
Pitch Champion Arjun Peri 225
Hit Champion Junya Kittaka 118
Run Champion Junya Kittaka 150

AGE 11/12
All Round Champion
Aaron Akbar
Pitch Champion
Aaron Akbar
Hit Champion
Matthew Sayde
Run Champion
Aaron Akbar

Players advancing to the sectionals and their parents should read the attached brochure carefully and follow the necessary steps.
Be sure to practice pitching with them, because each strike is worth 75 points; hit a few of those and you can really increase your score tremendously.  

Pitch, Hit & Run is designed to test three of the most fundamental aspects of baseball: batting, fielding/throwing and base-running. All of the skills are individually scored and each participant will accumulate a total score based on his or her combined performance.
There are four levels of competition that exist for the Pitch, Hit & Run Challenge: Locals, Sectionals, Team Championships and the National Finals.  The top individual scores will qualify for the Sectional level which will be scheduled for some time in late March in our vicinity.  For more information about the competition, please visit the official MLB Pitch Hit and Run website.
The National Finals are held during Major League Baseball’s All-Star Week, the 16 Finalists (four in each age group) will compete in the 2009 All-Star festivities as exclusive guests of Major League Baseball. 
Last year, WWLL’s own Adam Charnin-Aker won his age group contest at Yankee Stadium, and was honored as the first-place finisher just before the June 21st Yankee game. 
A special Thank You to to the High School North players who lent a hand - Neal DeVincenzo, Ryan Demouth, Joe Jensen, Ryan Phelan and Andy Vogt.
Thanks to all of our competitors, and good luck to all of our boys who are moving on -- Jack, Nithin, Matthew P., Aron, Arjun, Junya, Aaron, and Matthew S. --  remember, have fun, do your best, and make us proud by going all the way!